How to Find the Right Bra Size, Shape and Style For You

How to Find the Right Bra Size, Shape and Style For You

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The Tape Measure is not always Right. Not Every Bra Fits the Same.

First things first.  The tape measure is not always correct.  We can also tell you that not every bra fits the same.  As an example, if you measure to fit 36C, you may be a 36C in one brand, but a 38C in another brand and a 34D in another.  We help you to find the best brand and fit for your body.

When it the Right Time to Replace My Bra?

Many women continue to wear a bra that no longer has any life left in it.  A bra should last (depending on how often you wear it) 6 months to 1 year. If you are alternating your bra between two, these will only last 6 to 9 months. If you are alternating between 3-4 bras they should last 1 year or a bit longer. When your bra becomes stretched out, it is time to replace it. It is no longer giving you the support needed.

80% of women are wearing the wrong size of bra. Why Does it Matter?

A proper fitting bra will make you appear thinner. Your clothes will look better too. The girls are lifted in the proper place and you have a waistline again!

We suggest coming in for a fitting, we measure you then we find the most comfortable, best fitting bra for you.


There are so many factors in getting a good fitting bra. Our trained staff know all the little tricks to make sure you have a great fit and you are comfortable.

If it’s underwire, the wires need to sit just under the breast, the sides are not digging into breast tissue but sitting just on the outside of the breast tissue so your breast fits perfectly inside the cup. 


When you lift your arms the bottom of the bra does not lift away from your rib age.

The back band is not too tight that you can’t wait to rip that bra off or too loose that it is giving no support at all or the straps are digging into your shoulders.


The back clasps should be done up in the middle (most ideal) or on the loosest hooks. This gives more life to your bra in the way that as your bra gets older the fabric relaxes making it looser. Always having room to tighten it gives you longer wear time

It is important to make sure the back is tight enough that the support is coming from the back of the bra and not the shoulder straps. There is nothing more uncomfortable than the shoulder straps being too tight. 


Some ladies complain about their shoulder straps falling down all the time. One way to fix this is to tighten those straps. Yes, they always loosen off again in the wash! Every time you put your bra on, make sure those straps are hugging your shoulders nicely so they don’t fall off. There are some brands that address this issue in the design of the bra. The shoulder straps come in closer at the back where it meets the back strap. This keeps the strap sitting higher on your shoulder.

Did you know there are different styles of cups for all breast shapes?

The fit of the cup. We don’t want ripples in the cup! Nor do we want spillage. It is important to take the time to find the proper bra that fits. There are different styles of cup for all breast shapes. We are here to guide you through all of this. 

We carry band sizes 32-46 and cup sizes A to H.


We do complimentary bra fittings all day every day.

All of our staff are trained to find you the best fit possible.

Book a Personal Bra Fitting Appointment with us – Or Simply Stop by the Store Anytime!

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